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Fiction. Based on True Curses. 9 minute read

Donny O' Malley [Full Interview]

Donny-Inspired Journal Entry

“…this is the awareness I want to raise.”

-Donny O’ Malley

I realize what curses are. They perpetuate karma. They keep the wheel turning. The sins of this world keep the loop de loop going.

That’s why I must be the being and becoming of breaking the cycle.

What have I noticed?

I noticed that when I am in fear, I project fear and insecurity onto others by saying out loud the worst case scenario possible, thereby cursing both myself and the other person in the interaction. 

Curses only work through faith–which is the power of believing. If I don’t believe and focus on God to transmute it through prayer, it nullifies the curse.

I have fears of abandonment, and those fears are projected by making others feel weak so I can feel relevant and useful in their lives.

The times I have put people down, I, on a subconscious level, was also putting myself down, and the illusion will want to project the lie onto somebody else. I have misplaced condescension for terms of endearment.


Before you say anything to anyone, check your feelings.

Are you feeling hurtful?

If so, ask God to control your tongue.

Are you feeling resentful?

If so, ask God to help you search deep within for the cause of this resentment.

Are you feeling critical?

If so, ask God to help you locate where the bitterness is coming from, and talk to God privately about it so He can offer you the discernment of the truth and the meaning created.

Pray for blessings through the curses that others may attempt to inflict upon you, either intentional or unintentional. The universe is neutral to our words and carries out the supernatural forces whether we are blind or not doing it.   

Remember that the action is different from the human.

Doing and being are two different realms but they relate to one another like hands and feet. 

What are curses?

They are sinning machines coming from our mouths, creating more suffering for our humankind by operating on our own self-will rather than by having a relationship with God to co-create with us. God is our highest stronghold, a stronghold in the day of trouble. 

What are fears?

Fears are the temptations for us to create the curses.

How do you break a curse?

Offer a genuine blessing.

What if someone harms you?

Get out of their way and in return, offer kindness.

What if someone betrays you?

Get out of their karma and in return for this ego death, pray for a blessing to break the karma for them while you elevate your narrow walk. 

Stand for a possibility,

And let go of the attachment to the result of a possibility you trust God to create for yourself.

Love them for who they are and where they are at.


“Sometimes you have to let that person go in order for them to work through their own karma. If you intervene, you are actually delaying God’s blessing to them.”

That’s what it means to spoil someone. If you continue to demand, insist, or project yourself to a result, then what you are essentially doing is preventing the other person from seeing their own faults, learning from their own mistakes, and allowing them to see for themselves what and who they are. 

Your growth was stunted at a middle school when you were given “passes” for things you didn’t earn. So you thought you didn’t have to earn anything, to work for anything, and just manipulate your way through the people pleasing system. Identify the controller and the handler, know how to listening for what matters to them, and deliver what they want, and voila, you have leverage. But what profits a person to gain leverage and power and lose humility and the spirit of truth?

Rather than help, just allow.

Rather than seek revenge, create and ask for a blessing.

Rather than insist on your way, trust God to take care of it on your behalf and ask that His will benefit both parties in ways that are blessings 10 fold compared to if you just handled it on your own.

The first person you must love is yourself. Only when you love yourself first, are you ready to love another, because you will attract what you really feel inside?

Today, you had prayed to God while driving on the freeway…you said, “God, I was a fool for forgoing the family I had been blessed with the ambition of having a personal brand. I have been chasing fools gold and traded my gold for fool’s gold. I had taken it for granted and wanted fool’s gold when the true treasure was with me and within my reality all along.”

Same goes for what I have right now. I have my mother and father when the people in my life are losing theirs.

I go back to thinking about Sonny and realize how hard it must have been for him during the divorce. He was just exposed at work to be double-minded, double-tongued to both his boss and his wife. And it was his own wife who had exposed him. She was treating him like a child because he was acting like a child. She started documenting the lies. 

I had placed a curse on them that they will not be happy. It gave me a satisfaction in knowing that they will be suffering. I accused both of them of deserving their own suffering rather than by just allowing Sonny to find the happiness that I couldn’t give him. Be mindful of the ill will I have towards others–say to God about those ill wills and don’t be afraid to sound them out loud with God so that I can sift through the pieces to find gems of truth, tempered by control, endurance, and fortitude of mind and heart.

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