Cat Harwood

Writing as Dana 1 minute read

Cat Harwood, a Psukhe Journalist, is currently based in London, England, craves the quirky and under loved corners of her current city and the world. When not out and about falling into adventures, she is a soon to be Junior at Mount Holyoke College where she is Majoring in English and Political Science. When not defined by the contents of her wallet you can find her wandering about alleyways crawling with street art, sipping tea in cute cafes, and getting into the groove at some indie concert. A fan of the cliche that life is a rollercoaster, Dana finds true joy in the Love Story’s mission to use one’s pains and past troubles to write something utterly freeing and fun. From London’s East End, to the small pockets of stress that are bound to appear when living in a different culture, she is excited to share her world and heart with you, and the page.

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