BYHO Journals

“Glass Walls”

Fiction. Based on a True Get Global Conference. 56 minute read

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional. 

About GetGlobal Conference:

GetGlobal is the premier conference for companies who want to grow internationally. The conference draws the world’s leading experts on global expansion and operations including political and business leaders, Fortune 500 executives and industry pioneers.

The conference is marketed to start-ups securing their first international contract, or an established Fortune 500 looking to optimize their in-market operations.

Some highlights for GetGlobal 2017 are:

  • Unbeatable networking with the world’s best experts and partners in their fields
  • Up-to-the-minute intelligence on the latest shifts inside and across markets at the consumer, business, and government level
  • Unique discussions on topics of make-or-break importance that do not happen anywhere else
  • Companies that can share their experiences of success or challenges with you
  • Senior officials here and from abroad who can help with your cross-market efforts
  • Tools and strategies that will save you time and money on foreign business deals


You disarm the attractive Persian man you had dated once upon a moonlight ocean by telling him that his underwear is showing when you see him at the conference.

You had sensed his resentment towards you last week when you called him a few weeks before the event.

“What do you want?” the man who had once given you the keys to his apartment had asked.

“I just want to know why you had invited me,” she asked. “Satori also invited me, so I wanted to know the reason why?”

“Oh, it’s a bot,” he says.

You text Satori after you had hung up with Charles. Her lack of response indicates that her invite was also a bot.

Again, the human disconnection and you wonder if all this technology, automation, Artificial intelligence is precisely just artificial and autonomic.


You saw Chelsea briefly at the conference. You both pretended that the other never existed, yet so many things unspoken since the election. She had once upon a time ago invited you to her inner circle of power players–Globalists.

She had presented last year at the conference and tickets were in the thousands at the JW Marriot. You felt honored and RSVPed, but then you read the Wikileaks, watched the coverages from Milo, Drudge Report, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Trump’s unedited speeches, then boom, you had a different way of viewing this whole trajectory of globalization. 

That and the book of Revelations confirms that A) Evil and The Beast System exists B) One world order prepares you for the mark of the beast and C) God Is rael.


Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts. 

The term, “One World Order” or “New World Order” were being thrown around nonchalantly in Ted Talks, presidential speeches, and elite parties.

You don’t trust this utopia nor do you trust the men who speak it. It’s not that they have malicious intent. It’s the spirits that have ill will, and you believe that it is even more dangerous when we don’t at least acknowledge the shadow side in all of us.

The minute you had expressed your blatant distaste for Hilary after reading the WikiLeaks revealing DNC corruption and weird email exchanges of coded fishy references with children, and citizen journalists who curate elite trafficking rings like the case with Jimmy Saville, and Trump’s calling out of the presstitution between corporate and media moguls to bias the viewers into a mainstream narrative on mainstream media, after you have expressed your viewpoint on Facebook, she had shut you down, even implying that perhaps there was something mentally wrong with you.

You both saw each other but pretended that your friendship never happened, that the intimacy and connection you both had cultivated never existed, the conversations between the two of you over mental health empowerment never took place.

“That’s just the way it is,”-Tupac Shakur

Yellow Pride

Written by Mingjie’s Third “I,” Maya

“If I see you and I don’t speak, that means I don’t fuck with you.”

The last time she was at the Los Angeles Theatre, she was judging the Get Lit Competition, and this time she’ll be doing a different type of judging.

She feels guilty for being so judgemental of the former friend who publically calls for social justice reform but hasn’t worked a single day in the inner city in her life.

“What other people think about you is none of your fucking business,” she reminds herself, something she remembered a former anonymous support group member had told her. “What’s the point of trying so hard to fit into a tribe that you don’t vibe with?”

At this, she leaves the building when she notices Chelsea talking to one of the speakers there. It was lunchtime anyway.

The girl who she used to be when she was the teacher at both an inner-city school and an elite school was a yes-woman. To fit in, she talked like them, acted like them, learned the art of real talk or small talk just to mimic the environment. She knows the mannerism of survivalism.

She still has resentments for bleaching her thoughts and speech to survive. That instinct to rebel against that same path happened after Angelie borrowed money from her parents to fly to New York to meet Chelsea’s group of high net worth (capital only) individuals. Angelie cringed at the label “high-net-worth” as if money is the sole value of a human’s quality in this pyramid scheme. Those at the top aren’t necessarily the inventors. They are those who know how to take advantage of other people’s genius and market it to the masses.

Then people are shocked when men like Trump wins. The average person is just sick and tired of being a user using or used being used. Once upon a time ago, Angelie had taken a man who was living life without a home out to Subways for dinner. Like Bill Wilson from AA, she shared her experience not for him but herself so that she can actually do an artist-inspired journaling workshop to someone who needed it rather than someone who had the money. Through intimacy in conversation, she discovered that he was highly creative someone had taken advantage of his talent–perhaps took credit and threw him under the bus. He chose drugs to numb the pain and the addiction took over. This fear shook her very core. She was protective of her time, talent, and testimony because sharks are swimming all around her…make no mistake, and she left New York feeling like she is Nemo among sharks.

Chelsea is a shark among sharks. Angelie is Nemo among sharks. The vibrational frequencies are different.

It was easier they both pretended that the other didn’t exist than to acknowledge their frenemy status.

They both knew too much about the other person’s vulnerabilities and their fierceness. Angelie will speak her mind, even at the cost of her own reputation. That’s fucking foolish.

Once upon a time ago, Chelsea wanted to mentor her like a big sister. She recognized Angelie’s idealism, knew she was different from when she first met her at Milestone. It reminded her so much of her own brother’s naivety. That’s why Chelsea both hate her and love her. Angelie left voicemails to try and make amends. Chelsea had texted her that they are cool, but it wasn’t cool to Angelie. She just wanted peace, at the expense of almost losing her stand.

The Spread of Red

It wasn’t cool that she ghosted her, dismissed her, and implied that she was crazy for being a Trump supporter…for being a “conspiracy theorist.” She and 43 million other people who voted for Trump must be mad.

She thinks about the first stage in the spread of post-modern Marxism, something still deeply embedded within the psyche of authoritarian rule. To justify execution without trial, the power players will dehumanize, and that comes from dismissing someone as “crazy” for having a point of view contrary to those in power.

It’s easier for Chelsea to dismiss her as crazy and pretend like she never existed than to admit the truth of Chelsea’s own shadow, which Angelie knew all too well.

China’s bloody revolution is still palpable in the minds of millions of offsprings from the survivors of the “cultural” revolution–The “cultural” revolution wasn’t cultural at all. It was an effort to make everybody think, act, and feel one way. These aphorisms are but a symptom of alt-left ideology that demands group think.

And now, like cancer, it wants to spread its Marxist-ideology without the blessings of God. And any technological authoritarian rule without the grace of God is but a mechanism for the great beast to take over. Nothing can be more evident than living a “safe” society at the expense of our voice.

Chelsea had close connections with influential players who could end Angelie’s life in a blink of an eye.

In many ways, she justified her silence as a way to protect her.

Lisa Goes to Washington

Still, Angelie realizes that the game Chelsea played was about getting young money more money rather than getting money for the young. She went to the elite party, and she realized she was speaking from the heart while others were listening with their minds.


Chelsea was closing multimillion-dollar deals for her clients. She was constantly thinking of the big picture. She had a face of a teddy bear and the claws of a jackal with leopard spots. She had lots of empathy with the nouveau riche Chinese and wanted to broker the East and West relations. Growing up Chinese American, a hustler, an Asian gangster, she has both the street smarts and the people smarts to make shit happen. She’s a fucking survivor, one who is on her way to becoming a multimillionaire mogul –a VC to achieve the 1-3% world status.

Then she can make true changes–one that empowers women and children. Chelsea loves her daughter. She would die, kill and steal for her. What mother lioness wouldn’t do to protect her cub, and it’s this fierce love she has for her daughter that she wakes up every morning seeing herself as the Tigermom to unite the great beast of the east with the great beast of the west–whether that’s in cryptocurrency, real estate, stocks, artificial intelligence, or transhumanist integration into the utopia of human androids.

But that feeling of emptiness knaws at her. She’s alone in this world despite being with so many VIP men and women. People with big labels, wallets, and reputations. She knows she needs to straighten the world up, terraforming the world so it can become safer, more effective, and predictable. She knows the great culling will transpire and she is there to ensure that her daughter has a place in that membership society where she is free to create, solve, and express love. And Angelie is a liability. Nobody stands in the way of the next gen of human evolution–Utopia can be achieved through hyperintelligence, genetic modification, and transhumanism.

That morning Chelsea thought about how Angelie tried to make her look bad publicly on social media during a time when so much is on the line.So much face lost. Not to mention millions of campaign money and the girl who she advocated for had the stupidity of challenging her in front of so many of her social circles. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you bitch.

Biting the Hand

Satori didn’t respond to Angelie’s inquiry about whether she had invited her or her bot had invited her to the conference. There is an invisible control system called, “My best friend doesn’t like you so I won’t talk to you.”

Chelsea had invited Angelie last year because she was an influencer. Chelsea had tried shaming her on the Facebook questioning if she was mentally stable.

Yes, the gay conservative who married a black guy is not racist, homophobic, misogynist, or a Nazi.

“He is a Nazi,” her liberal friends tell her as if by telling her alone will suffice to make it facts. She was a teacher once upon a time ago and she knows the deal. The teacher has authoritarian rule over the classroom and from the time they are children, they have learned how to please the teacher to get the A.

Angelie recognized this tactic from the pressure of the elite globalists who claim they are feminists but are actually post-modern Marxists who want total power, seduced and controlled by the Jezebel spirit.

“I read and watched his speeches, and he is not racist.” 

“You’re crazy.”

I’ve seen the apprentice. He is not racist.”

“Stop talking. You’re retarded.”

The so-called “Nazi,” Todd-Sweney, the alt-media sensation, the vocalist had voiced his concern about the violent Islamic terror that included persecuting Jews, Christians, gays, and young women and children. Yes, he’s a troll, but trolls are designed to question political correctness, speech codes, echoing chamber, and ‘safe spaces,’ which is one way challenging the control system powered by power brokers to manufacture our complacency, compliance, and complicity.

The flash of titles no longer impresses her.

Don’t let this city jade you, baby girl.

Maya, Angelie’s third spirit, tells her.

Jade Gems


By MJ, the Ego voice.

“Yewser,” she says. “It’s a Yew tree. It’s a symbol of global growth. It’s an evergreen tree that exists, that grows on every continent.”

“Because we prioritize being very successful in the market versus the pride of our brand,” she says.


“It means blessings in Hebrew,” she tells you. She has a sharpness and a sensitivity that a girl whose bloodline runs through the line of Abel would tell you.

She shows you how to leverage empathy and compassion in business.

Essentially, you don’t go to their territory and tell them how to run their lives like we are some type of gods, though the illusion may feel that way.

“Take the siren logo with the cleavage showing,” she said, “It took Starbucks almost a decade years before they hide the cleavage.”

You learned that humility is key.

But then she mentions two words that trigger you. You like triggers because at this point you are conscious enough to understand synchronicities–and triggers are words that operate like nodes in the matrix–they are an intersection that creates conditions of value by which humans connect in the dance between 1s and 0s (to be or not to be).

The two triggers that activated your attention came from the following context:

13:45 “It’s a cannibalism approach…if anybody is going to copy Linkedin in China, it’s going to be Linkedin. We are going to cannibalize ourselves.”

“It’s suicide.”

Notes on The Conference

Cross Borders and Investments

She saw a possibility



Nanxi from Enplug had to speak before Magic Johnson and that was her opportunity to showcase her product that attracted a distributor serious enough to quit his job and change his assumptions.

Much more mobile savvy. Focus groups in China. Product-Market fit, distribution, manufacturing, and talk to the parents. Agnostic of the brand.

Mattel is a global brand and a requirement for safety and quality. Rearchitecting and redesigning the brand. Working with startups to craft and redraft. it is messy because it is about the user and their feedback. If you give one product and offer exclusivity. Acquisition and startup. product and get it to market. Several months of iteration. Multiple products working together and see the smart rocker to see…learning journey.

India and China. Localized interface and local content. Geo Customization. Local strategy. Multiple value proposition. Content consumer.

Off stock, lightweight app.
Address a single value proposition.

Tony. Don’t think about going global. Later stage company.

“The startup is always fighting for survival, so you are driving out the best level of outcome that one puts into it. Pick where you want to focus and fight your battles. If you spread yourself too thin, you won’t win any battles.

Paying point is great. Figure out where your core market is. What is your rapport, and build a 10x better experience for the user.” Tony Hsieh from Mattel says.

Fem and Men

For some companies, it is better to go top down

Massive budget—

The government will help you with market penetration.

Platform methodology building on efficiency.

Competitive nature.

Smarter nurseries.

Acquiring startups.

Tahlia-International Product on Linkedin.

Jack Ma

Iterate the experience fast enough.

Lose market.

Local products strategy.

Local rebirths flow into the ocean, no one size fits all, we need each target market on a global scale.

How do you prioritize with the finite resources, user sensibilities to building a core product?  How do you think about prioritizing? Impact on the business. Think globally and super realistic over what one can achieve. Get early ecosystem and products bought.

Decoding culture code, and adding geo-factor.

Yewser- Helps companies accelerate growth.

Developed, designed, and A/B Tested for the US. Then they apply to global, but this is not the right approach.

Learn and listen first.

Henry, how does Mattel know when you’re ready to go global?

A few blocks away from the El Segundo office from your office now. 

You think of your friend who runs Asian Barbie life and who probably needs an in with Mattel.

The market first with IP, building a business and then bringing it back to the United States, not with a set playbook. What we think could work, and then decide what works. Embrace your failure and then move forward.

Play the Long Game

Play the long game—even though it was a better product, but how do the market and the competitor react? Resource, time, money—Digital and e-commerce. Technology perspective—What changed the most is the internet. You have to pull for international.


The vast majority- listen first.

Observing dynamic and then how we take advantage of it. Doing international right is hard—how to set the right goals, find the right talent and manage the right talent. How much you can actually do from HQ to start and service that market. Fulfill the potential of the market, one must go in the market. Who can operate in the same time zone, familiar with customs and ways of doing things, start doing delivery? 

2012 before we founded Enplug-Software for digital displays. Partner and Distributor. Julian Leuthold, moderator. Founder & CEO of GetGlobal. 

Humanoid Culture & Perfection-alism

Want non-professional has created consumer resistance.

Not enough people to treat the aging elderly. Considering importing cheap labor from Indonesia, Philippines, and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

They would want them to take up the slack.

They complain that there is a shortage of labor.

Leading robotics for manufacturing.





Can’t stand disorder.

Advanced AI

They would trust more robots than cheap labor.

Hungry humans, because part of our ego is to get rid of it.

We can’t stand ourselves and we fear things we don’t understand.

In some ways, we are all wanting it to end–the pain, the suffering, and for the elite, the answer is in integration with the machine–it is pure logic, it is the stairway to heaven.

Cultural Fascination for Robotics and cultural fascism. 

“Japanese have compulsive attitude for precision,”

“Nobody tips. Do a better job because you want to do a better job,” Japan Consulate says.

Japanese are more receptive to robotics

Robot animals.

Humanoid machinery that is welcomed—doesn’t require a human me, if there is an instrument.

Robotic pets. 

You look at Foxy and realize that in a few decades, her species will be rare and extinct.

Polite society.

Can’t spend too much time with the people.

Be on your way, busy, time and efficiency, because if you stayed longer, you’ll actually speak your mind, and get into a debate by challenging the group thinks of this alt-left parad-ise/igm. 

“Make life easier and easier relationships,” host jabs at the American-Japan Allies against North Korea.

World’s 3rd largest economy

Prime Minister

Tame the NY Times

Taming the *Japanese Press

The press in both China and Japan are highly monitored, and they are educating the elites in America how to do the same.

Great Chemistry.

Relationships Matter.

You realize that Personalities shift the dynamics and have huge rippling effects.

Silver Bullets

Ken Silverman moderating India Super-Session.

Atman Trivedi, Hills & Co

Ken Naz, former President, Eros International Media Ltd. Creating an independent new film company.

Mukesh Aghi, US-India Strategic Partnership Forum. Indian Film festival.

Single Point Entry into

Los Angeles Media Capital.

Cross Border Media & Entertainment Industries.

Emerging opportunities.

Mukesh Aghi- India and US since the independence of India.

The rise of China and Asia-Pacific is breaking open marketing and geopolitical perspective.

Trade, procurement, and…

0-15 billion dollars.

Quarter trillion dollars on the procurement of defense supplies.

Two broad trends are taking place.

400 billion from virgins to the city itself.

India has to build infrastructure, schools, and tremendous opportunities.


3 Billion people. 65% purchasing power. The economy grows almost 7-9% for the next 20-25 years.

Google has been shut out from China. On trade and defense side.

20 CEOs with

Tim Besos, Tim Cooke,

We have 400 investments around the world, and India is the most profitable.

Open Systems. Value Systems are similar. The trend towards more positive.




White economy and taxes

the black economy with no taxes

Only 1% pay taxes.

Drove the cash into the bank economy

Drove from cash into a digital economy where things can be tracked.

Wireless into digital payment.

Momentary chaos with dust settling.

Take black money out of the market. Take people out of the game.

Government tracking.

American-Indian Cinema

“Happy Diwali”

How to work with the Indian Government.

Relations with India and US are off to a really good start on Commercial issues.

Government to Government can address specific market challenges. And deal with intellectual property. Help to enable environments where companies are able to thrive.

Both governments and relationships and high-level meetings are important because they can elevate company concerns.

Synergies between that, both leaders are intent on job manufacturing. Youth rural/urban transformation in cities. The trade deficit is a barometer for all relationships. On trade commercial issues, there is no winner take all approach to it.

U.S. resources.

Export to India.

Market Intelligence.

Sectorial Advice.

Good resources.

Top markets report that are organized by various sectors.

US assistance sectors.

Foreign commercial services.

15 other city presences. Provide local intelligence and identifying partners with due diligence in working with these partners.

Doing business with the Indian Government, and bidding on government contracts.

Comprised of trade experts.

Intellectual property concerns. Tariff and non-tariff barriers.

Consulates are spread out across the country.

Financing investment.

3 Agencies:


US Trade and Development Agency

US Private Corporation.

Your congressman for an effective advocate for the Indian Government.

4 Strategies working with the Government.

U.S. Exporters.

Play the long game. Build a trust and relationship over time.

Work with trusted partners.

Pre-existing relationships with Indian officials. Who you want to avoid. How to navigate complex

Align business plans with key central government priorities. —Show that you are a partner in the socio-economic transformation from informal to formal.

Take it state by state by the 29 states, plus the sheer size of each state, size of the economy in Ireland.

Educational levels across the states because of its youth and the use of technology, growing the economy and overall demographics.

Creating an economic miracle with the mission and mandate:

Cut down bureaucratic red tape and corruption


Brown men among a white man in a brown suit

Indian Motion Picture Industry

Significantly more than Bollywood

1.2 billion people—is that good?

Three things Indians are crazy about:




Cashless Society.

India is the first to opt in. They still have a caste system and so it is a no-brainer that the untouchables and those below Brahman begin the chipping process. Like human cattle. 

We are looking at population control.

He sells us on the sheer volume of consumers.

People are stuck on screens.

Digitally attached.

Then they worship Shiva and Kali. 

People take shits on the streets in India and here in LA, people smoke crack.

Off the beaten track,

doesn’t include Hollywood studios or big Indian Bollywood studios.

U.S. Based in Lawyer working with Indian Producers.

Opportunities for independent for U.S. based producers.

Area of Remakes.

Piracy blatant.
Warner Brothers and their biggest franchise are Harry Potter.

You can’t steal, but renegotiate for those and get them for

Major studios who spend 100 million

Independent producers make a film for 3-4-5 million dollars. Same film to be remade from English to Hindi language films.


Made the first English film by Sony Pictures, written, produced, and directed by

Financed by Indian Studio.

Writers, producers, directors in the area of T.V.

Amazon is creating its own channel for the Indian market.

First Hollywood studio is universal pictures.
Universal has an office in India.

GST- Goods and Services Tax.

There is a universal same tax across all Indian states.

If you provide products and services, you provide value.

If you can innovate for humanity, you are of value

3.1 Billion Tickets Sold.

300 million in Indian

200 million in China

and 30 million in US

Demography and Digitalization

Defense, cultural, and US Companies.

63k cultural integration.

2.4 Trillion Dollars in the next 10 years.

Entertainment Industry

2 Biggest Mistakes:

  • Dump all assets and translate and make a fortune
  • Indian is a quick buck and easy money. Road to quick buck is littered with many

the “C” Word

“It’s a commitment. People think that when you are there, you’ll just get committed.”

Long-Term play with Commitment to it.

Reputation is a big deal.

Make it user first rather than “us” first.

Internationally have a different effective base. Figure out what is your playbook. People drive, user acquisition driven, and then go from there.

Product Design

Turn your love loss into a three-act love story.

How about more interviews?


Help companies expand into the European Union.

Fitzgerald and Law

The ladies want to play bingo.

Man in a spiffy WTC in Los Angeles, dressed like mamma’s boy, and he curates. Noveau Riche. Trust Fund baby. 

UK is #3 investor.

Germany is #5 investor.

Melissa Harkcom- Fitzgerald and Law.

Great discussion going on in Germany.

Everybody lost and nobody won.

Loss-Loss Situation with Brexit. 

“People need to be educated before they go into anything.
There is a mess and we must deal with it as business as usual, but things have happened.”

Germany has been a very important negotiation partner.

UK will be dearly missed by Germany.

UK first.

Large market.

Expand to Germany earlier than before.

They will attract more FDI.

Businesses are going to happen anyways.

Los Angeles and UK companies are moving to Germany. In order to retain, what would be the practical steps.

What are the steps for 2019?

What impact does it  have on established industries?

The economy is not going to bounce.

More fear than love.

Borderless and integration.

80% of all laws from EU has been harmonized.

GDP arm.

At the end of the day, there are more questions than answers.


Relationships evolved.




Buy Original Art

Why do we no longer buy original art?




An Afterthought.

People want to achieve the Steve Jobs Dream.

What if we let go of Steve Jobs? And just stick with Job? Biblical Job. 

What if we acknowledge of Steve Jobs is not the right way?

What if Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. 

and man’s way is skewed. Let’s talk Apple products. All with Good intention.

A Road Hell

is paved with

Over 700 thousand small to mid-sized businesses.

A lot of companies need IP protection.

An Inter-admission Cannibalism and Cannabis

“It’s the Cannablism Playbook.

It’s like RoboCop when Skynet existed, the robots learned us, mimicked us, and co-opted into us. That’s the cannibalization playbook,” Angelie says to David.

“And if somebody calls it out, they are labeled by the fascists who call themselves anti-fascists,” David says.

“The guilty will send their victims to mental institutions so they can get rid of their guilt like a rapist will kill the victim to hide the rapists’ sin,” Angelie continues. “I see the elite as doing the same–they project their guilt by labeling their crimes onto somebody else. So if they call another “crazy,” they are actually exposing themselves.”

“You’re crazy,” David says. “But what you’re referring to is guilt projection.”

He smiles.

Angelie smiles back.

“Sociopaths run the world.” Angelie inhales the purple dank. David is an Italian man in his 40s. He lived in a loft a stone throw’s away from Skid Row doing software infrastructure work in West LA. He was observant and silent most of the time.

Post-conference, he was her emotional tampon but done through cush, Angelie was tolerable.

The stars under his DTLA loft rooftop were covered by the smog that made the light coming from the stars impermeable to those trapped in the Downtown Smog Dome. The decadence of this city permeate into her lungs, colored the hybrid of Indica and Sativa.

“Those in power cover their guilt by dressing themselves up in legal speak, speech codes that are designed to keep the beast system alive and continue churning out products, waste, misery,” she says. “I play along. It’s one big fucking charade.”

“We’re all smoking something,” David muses, as he relaxes into his hammock. Angelie sees the white smoke fog up the yellow lights.

I’ve been botted, David. The world’s come down to this. The two people who had “invited me” had no intention of inviting me. I just so happen to be on their Gmail list. They’re probably not even going to engage with me if I don’t make the effort to engage with them first,” Angelie muses, sinking into her hammock next to his.

“But hey, it turned out well right? You got along with the mean ex?” David said.

“He was the Trump and I was the Hillary in that relationship,” she said.

“So you were a bitch per usual.”

“That and the more of two evils.”

“Oh, my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine” David sings, “You are lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine.”

Angelie gets up and starts dancing to the winds of this beautiful tragedy.

“Drove she ducklings to the water
Ev’ry morning just at nine,
Hit her foot against a splinter,
Fell into the foaming brine.

Ruby lips above the water,
Blowing bubbles, soft and fine,
But, alas, I was no swimmer,
So I lost my Clementine.”

Rise of the bEAST

By MJ, Voice of Ego

You put your right hand over your heart and give a slight bow at Parker Coomans when you see him later at the very end of the conference during the mixer.

“It opened my eyes a bit,” you say to him. “I was someone who was for Brexit to be quite frank, but now I can see why the world leaders want to create a borderless society of free trade.”

“What was your conclusion?”

“The more we get to know one another, the more we engage in trade, commerce, and strategies to benefit one another, the more opportunities for love and compassion we give one another.”

Parker’s eyes lit up. He felt proud hearing that a leftie gone rogue into the conservative, libertarian, muck of the political landscape post-2016 election is opening back up to the globalist agenda.

Perhaps men like Parker believes that they face conspiracies where the poor and uneducated are susceptible to being misled by fake news.

“I’m glad this conference opened your eyes a bit.”

It did. It made you realize that 99.9% of the people in this conference truly believe that Globalization is the answer to world peace.

So what’s stopping us? you ask holy spirit.

It’s evil.

Without God, we are lost sheep. Our own will run riot, we are but possessed to become catalyzers to our own hell.

It doesn’t take a rock scientist to know that good and evil exists. Just look around you in Downtown Los Angeles.

Really look.

Look at reality for reality.

Perhaps that’s what we must first do to move forward.

To accept the truth of what truth is.

Not relative truth.

Just the truth.

A man living on the streets without a home, amid so many empty buildings it can fit every single walking human on these streets, but it’s not about humans, it’s about the beast system we are all following.

The devil’s dick is at the end of a crack pipe, and many are sucking it. Many of men in suits are getting their happy endings in Asian massage parlors. Everyone sucks at something and is sucking something. The man is smoking crack from a pipe, while men in clean suits discuss pipe dreams–the pie in the sky keeps their eyes fixed elsewhere–perhaps on cryptocurrency, perhaps on the blockchain, perhaps on IOT, whatever it was, it was not focused the real gold–the human soul. At least not yet–the problem is too huge.

It’s easier to do the ultimate numbing out.

Integrate into a machine and let it suck the soul out of us–literally.

Who needs a soul anyway right? It’s too painful of a burden to carry. 

The human sitting on the pavement. We paint DTLA like it’s the next happening and it is, but at what cost? How many empty buildings are now in existence in this city while men and women are walking around invisible to those with digital currencies.

Pride creates glass ceilings and apathy creates glass walls.

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America's Client List Open Legs, Open Borders, Open Sesame

“Fuck it,” you just witnessed a German man with a heavy German accent say that his favorite food is sushi, criticized the youth who have forgotten their history, and hard on them for not start thinking for themselves (can we blame them for our broken education system?), and praised the British person two person down for Winston Churchill.

The irony of the disappointment when TPP didn’t pass was a slippery slope towards groupthink to take away the freedom of speech. TPP was part of the agenda to take away the freedom of self-expression by hiding the clause that would monitor the internet.

“Let’s not pimp out America. She’s our daughter, our sister, our friend, not a prostitute. America will not open its legs to the highest bidder,” She says. “A borderless society sounds ideal, just like a teenage girl thinks having a bunch of hot frat boys running a train on her is ideal, but the reality is she’s still a whore…and everybody will think she’s a whore if she sells out to the highest bidder. China and Saudi Arabia are trying to buy her.”


You didn’t read the 5,000-page agreement. You just remember a few people red-flagging a few clauses that were hidden in the TPP. Things like regulating the internet.

Calexit was an offhand joke from the president of the WTC, and then you remember again why your organization hasn’t really taken off. You’re too vocal about your politics, about conspiracy theories that are frankly derived from deductive reasoning by the evidence you collect at the extreme gap between rich and poor. And we are all upset, but the ones who really need to own up don’t. And you believe, that high-level business cohort responsible for the housing bubble and the devastation of our climate, may wait till it is almost too late and they are on their last few breathes before they admit how terribly sorry they really are for being selfish.

If California exits, you’re leaving. You had this thought. While you enjoy the diversity, you did think of the extreme lefts violent tendencies from buried tension.

Cognitive dissonance seems to be the pervasive undertone of many of the audience and speakers. People don’t know what to make of independence.

In so many ways she is no different than the man laying on the sidewalk. That was her at 16, except in the bathroom of her parents’ two-story home on top of a well-off community in the suburbs, along with the friends who also took their emotions out on the white dragons.

And now the dragon is ever present, ever pervasive, and the Dragon keeps sweet talking her to come back to the family.

"I" Worship

What kind of money gets transacted behind glass walls and under glass ceilings?

What if you started seeing humans as the greatest currency? What is the value of turning a picture into a cartoon? What is the value of glamorizing your life into this larger than reality characters/caricatures?

Will you be shot for drawing the truth? Even if that truth is hidden in fiction?

Then where is the line drawn? If in a contract you can’t look into a celebrities’ eyes.

Why not? What will you see there? Will it raise the hairs of your chinny chin chin? Will your natural senses sense something is awfully off?

What is the solution to growing a Yew?

Its roots.

“Yewser,” she says to the Angelie during the interview.

It exists all over the world.

Evergreen Trucks and Evergreen Corporations.

The Traveler.


Because the machines want to learn you.


Because the machines want to fuse with you.


The Globalist Agenda is Human Evilution.

Because when evil takes you to the apex of destruction, the edge of the abyss, the ultimate bottom, within the void is where you will witness the miracle of God’s true power.

99.9% of the Globalists just want to know God again.

We are impatient.

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