TLSJ Vol.1

“Just Love Me Forever”

Based on a True Psychic Reading 4 minute read

Cecile Guillemain [Full Interview]

Cecile Guillemain-Inspired Journal Entry

“She goes crazy, and she says, ‘Tell me that you love me, buy me jewels, recite poems, forget about your name, forget about who you are and just love me forever.”

-Cécile Guillemain

So after dating the many men in my life, I realize that I want to be the definition of the modern pimptress. The power woman with the power pumps, going to work and dating around. Giving men a hard time, pun intended. My aura is one of positivity and I really believe in the power of persuasion. Men in my life just draw to me.

I went to several psychics for readings, and this is the spelling that had put on me–call it a curse. It is a curse that I go for men that I must chase. Those men that chase me I am not interested in. Whenever I am involved with a man, the psychic told me, I will lose money. On my own, however, I will thrive in business, as long as I am working alone. I must not share my wealth with other men or else they will suck it right out of me.

At the time when I was given this hex, I had believed it. It made a lot of sense considering that’s how my ex took off with not just a betrayal but also most of my money. I allowed it to happen because I trusted that he would take care of our savings for our family. So when the psychics told me this spell, I had believed it. I realize now that it is a spell because the operative word is “alone.”

God does not want me to be alone, nor does he want me to build walls around my heart. Live and let live is how the saying goes. No, my ex did not “steal” from me. I freely gave to him because I am a generous person, and he will remember me as such until the end of his days.

In 2013, I had a revelation about the kind of woman that every man wants, lusts, desires.

A woman’s power is defined by her softness—but her softness is the very definition of a nurturer. She is understanding, caring, forgiving, and giving. But she is very selective on who she bestows this gift for. She is super picky and has high standards when it comes to giving it to the right man. Men draw to this. The harder she is to keep, the more the man would want her. She is wily, sassy, elusive. She is not always available but is always there when the man is in a time of crisis.

A woman’s power is in her softness, grace, and humility.

Now, I can see why I’ve been chasing the men I adore away. The masculine energy in me emasculates the men I chase.

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