TLSJ Vol.1

“The Order”

Fiction. Based on a True Festival Experience. 10 minute read

“It’s just a blanket, they put over their ‘mental illness’ and you’re trying to trap a fire…”-Mike Owens

This journal entry is inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Liquidity City, 2017

Green Eyes

He looks back at her and realizes what an amazingly real fucking woman she is. Even in her sorrow, she is beautiful. She could relate to him on such a deep level. Sharp as the tip of a spear. She must join the order or die. She’s too smart for her own good. If she joins, she will be elevated–there are many Brothers who are standing for her. He had the Jamonassy Order come to her house and start the training for her activation. She has been activated through the many men who shared bodily fluids with her. She is ripe for the picking. She is tempted and it’s just a matter of time before she folds–he can feel it, and by then, she will be his monarch butterfly. She is past her prime, but she can still be taught to train others, if she plays her cards right and obeys. But she must choose it. He’s been patiently waiting for her–biding his time before he makes his next move.

The 2nd Degree

“I’m going to get my second degree. My father is an Emulatarian and it has been passed onto me. He blatantly tells her. She had once slept with him, and now she prays in Jesus name to break all soul times with him. She is curious about the Order. It seduces her.  It’s all around her. She is drawn to the moon. But how can she fight what seems like a playpen full of Luciferians who worship the great angel of light, the great rebel, the good bad angel who seized God’s gift and gave it to humans for the hope that humans will worship him rather than God? Angelie knows that she is being courted, and that the courtship phase of the Order is the fun part. It’s the carrot, the tease that gives her the upper hand. If she bites, now that is a different story.

She is at Liquidity, a playground for the Order in the age of Aquarius.

The Secret Present

When CIA Richard Smith saw her sitting by herself in the commons area where all the behind the scenes Liquidity crew ate, he was curious. He did not know why he was so fond of her. He mentions a few names here and there to Angelie to see what she would say. She feigns innocence. She says that the name Timothy Leary sounds familiar but she doesn’t know too much about him. Somehow, the topic of conversation turned to pharmaceuticals, and Angelie starts making exaggerated statements on how these drugs are actually an extension of project Paper Clip, to mind alter humans as a social experiment for social control.

He was amused at how audacious this little girl is, speaking so casually and with such gay fervor, as if this was some kind of lecture hall where they were writing a thesis paper. He is amused nonetheless since she is oblivious to her environment, not realizing that she was drawing more attention from the people eating by her side. She had a type of naive trust in the supernatural, as if she was guided or compelled by a benevolent energy. He is amused.

“The moon landing was faked,” he drops the truth on her to see her reaction. “Tinseltown Man got all the money, power, and protection he needed to do what he loved doing–filming. In return, he must be obedient or it can all be taken away from him in fell swoop.”

This was both a proposition and a warning. He was planting the seed that she can work for them in secrecy by continuing with the project their way, supported by the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood, and all she has to do is play by the rules.

Besides, it would be very easy for someone like Angelie to disappear if she was too out of hand.  With Angelie’s background–3 hospitalizations and a mental illness diagnosis–it wouldn’t be so far fetched if, let’s say, she were to die from a suicide….It is stated that people diagnosed with Bipolar have a tendency to commit suicide. The likelihood is 1 in 5.

Angelie knows that she is constantly surrounded by people in the Order of the Light. The Order has been courting her since she met the first 33rd who fell in love with her, and she had almost married him. He had been standing for her since and giving her acknowledgement of what she is capable of.

She’s powerful. Watch out for this one. One told another.

Richard Smith went by the name of Charles Dillard when he introduced himself to her. He was at the commons where she used NLP to get her way inside the festival grounds. He had been observing her to see how her training at Milestone has paid off. It had paid off.

When he finally started talking to her, he knew that she somehow knew who he was and yet she did not fear him. Angelie left the commons after Richard Smith gave her his card. It read holistic acupuncturist. She left him to go find Melani, the woman who had invited her to the festival on a media press pass. Melani has been dabbling with spells, white and black magick, and considers herself a white witch, out to transform the world into an enchanted forest through the pagan arts and craft for Mother Gaia.

They were walking from the commons to the main stage where DJ Cheshire was playing. Melani pulls her to the side, backstage, behind the main stage, where the VIP section was, where the artists, producers, and high level mages convalesce.

“I am breaking up with my boyfriend.”


“I can’t stand him. He’s constantly high, controlling, insecure. Now that I’m media director here, he’s getting so needy with me. What should I do? Should I stay or leave?”

 Melani is testing her. Angelie does not know why or how she knows this but she knows that she is not going to leave her boyfriend. The question is loaded. It is code word for joining the Order or…. If Angelie had said, “stay with him,” it would mean conceding as their weapon in the left hand path and if she gave her the advice of leaving her man, it would mean that she continues alone in the right hand path. She will not be invited back should she choose to refuse.

“Do what you want, Melani. I can’t make that decision for you. It is your path that you must walk. All the advice I can give you is to take the right hand path. Listen to your heart.”

Melani gives her a hug, smiles and leaves the tent. 

Charles Dillard walks into the tent.

“We keep running into each other. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re following me,” Angelie tells him half jokingly.

“It’s the synchronicities that matter right? The secret to life is in the details isn’t it?”

“Or is it the devil?”

“Is it the devil?”

“Perhaps, but I’d like to focus on God, since He’s in all the details as well.”

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