The Journal-Artist Experience

Discover your Journey as a Journaling Journalist

Meet, Greet, & Co-Create with Artist



  • Journaling designed to exercise your third eye, “We,” told in the third person point of view.
  • Journaling in fiction, based on a true experience, where people, places, and certain situations are fictionalized to protect creativity and to permit deeper exploration of the truth.
  • Journaling to discover, explore, and unveil what’s hidden in the subconscious.


  • Journalism helps you detach from the situation while still processing the emotions through a fictionalized story.
  • Journalism is a craft of narration that helps you observe the details in a creative and structured framework where you get to uncover things that inform you of your journey.
  • Journalism is utilized in a scene capture of the experience or a series of experiences that help you focus on the silver linings to be blessed as well as the sufferings that need to be addressed.


  • Journaling + Journalism for the Personal Journey helps you process pain creatively and move you towards your true passion.
  • Journaling + Journalism for the Personal Journey helps you gain perspective on the things that matter to you as well as the matters of the heart that inform you of what actually matters.
  • Journaling + Journalism for the Personal Journey provides you with the cathartic release and creative outlet you need to let go, let grow, move on and move forward in life.

How it Works:

Get Invited

  • BYHO partnered with local businesses to curate exclusive, intimate, and authentic experiences between artist and journal-artists.
  • Go to one of these local businesses that provide a product or service that you enjoy.

Get Access

  • While inside the store, tell any of their associates, “Break Open” with a store purchase. You will receive a diary.
  • This diary will be the invitation to partake in the breaking bread experience with the artist.

Get Acquainted

  • Download the Live Portrait App on your Smartphone.
  • Scan the Live Portrait App on the illustrations inside the book.
  • A video will come alive through your phone from the book. This video will give you a hint to what the next event theme will be. Click on the link from the video that will take you to the RSVP where the date, time, and location of the event will be revealed.

Awaken your third “I”

Meeting & Greet with the Artist

  • Meet with the Artist in a private, undisclosed location.
  • Exercise the craft of Journal-Artism to capture the experience.
  • Be prepared to participate and actively engage in the theme of the experience.

Learn and Churn

  • Learn from the wisdom of artists who have been in the industry for awhile.
  • Extract the lessons and take action on the reflections.
  • There will be a call-to-action for you to take and make.


  • There will be an assignment for you to take from the lesson and theme of the experience.
  • Doing and submitting the assignment is highly encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Submissions for the assignment will give you tickets to the opening day concert of the artist and if your submission gets published, you will receive compensation for your creative expression.